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A Smart Site Review will provide a Website Health Check Score (WHCS). The higher the score the healthier your website is. Our review takes into consideration how your website is supporting (as a powerful tool) or undermining your business objectives. The healthier your website is the better performance, with better performance you can expect better results. You could SAVE more than $395, you could save your hundreds or thousands of dollars by getting your website to perform at its best. A review is not to be taken lightly

The Things We Review:

  1. Speed – Load Speed, Hosting Quality & Responsiveness
  2. Visual – User experience, Branding & Structure
  3. Technical – Optimisation, Security Risks & Errors.
  4. Commercial – Marketing, commerce and marketing

The Website Health Check Score (WHCS)

Take the average rating across the 4 areas we review.

The Purpose of a WHCS

To provide you with a Digital Plan, not just another website business or marketing plan. But a Completely Radical Marketing proposal to get you website perfuming and generating a positive ROI.

Our Approach

Engage in a more detailed examination with the single goal to provide you with clear recommendations that meet your business needs and budget. In the process of developing a plan of action for your digital requirements, we will carefully examine our findings in the Website Review, we use it along with your business plan objectives to provide you with a more accurate strategic plan.